Want to leave feedback about your order or our service and maybe have it published on this page? 

Then please email any remarks direct to:


We were most concerned buying from here online so near to Christmas and at the height of a UK Postal Strike.
However, the 250 Theatre Token Gift Card ordered at 9pm on Monday 19th December 2022 arrived free by Royal Mail Special Delivery, on Wednesday 21st December 2022 at 11.30am.
Even a 'tracking reference' was emailed to us on the Tuesday afternoon, which was most impressive (and unexpected).
Probably the best service I have ever received from a UK Online Retailer.

Louise Carpenter.

Glasgow, Scotland.

(24th December 2022)
Thanks for adding online booking at all London Shows with payment by Theatre Tokens via your service continues to go beyond the call of duty!

Sheila Ferguson.

Westport. Co.Mayo

(2nd November 2023)

We've been very impressed with Roger's professionalism, yet with personal touches.
Initially we were cautious that the website was not genuine, but Roger took time over the telephone to explain how this service worked and the long history he had with Theatre Tokens.
He also suggested a way to prevent losing the tokens in the post, with delayed activation after getting them received safely. 
All in all, a favourable experience.

Robin Yeoh.

Banstead, Surrey.

(24th August 2021).
I got free book delivery, because we spent just over 25 and the two books BOTH cost less than at Amazon.
Delivery took three days.
Forget the rest, because First Bookshop is the best.

Kevin Dewison.

Otley, Leeds.

(6th November 2022)
So impressed that I was able to get 500 of National Book Token Gift Cards for my School on the next day, by ordering from you over the telephone the morning before.

It seemed from your website that you had stopped doing free next day delivery when ordering 100 or more (our School have been using this service of yours for 15 years!) but I decided to telephone you to enquire.

A very obliging chap called Martin advised me that usually if calling by telephone before noon, delivery on the next day is achievable!

They sure did arrive the day after at 10.40am.

Thanks for a remarkable service, even during Lockdown 2021.

James Buchan.


(30th March 2021)

We recently spent a Book Token with you.

I sent an email, asking about my Book Token balance.

Within 3 hours you telephoned me and were able to check whilst I was speaking to you, exactly how much was on the Book Token Card (as I didn't know.... had it more than 5 years and forgotten!)

The price of the book was 76p more than Amazon, but they don't accept National Book Tokens (can't think why?)

Basically my book cost me nothing, as this Book Token had just been lying around, well that's my way at looking at this!

So glad you are there for all us dotty folk.

Keep up the good work, I will be telling all my family and friends about you!

Alison Goodchild.


(12th January 2021)
Just wanted to convey that you have been my lifeline during lockdown!

Not just for sending National Book Tokens for me, to my family and friends as birthday gifts (along with free book marks), but also as I was unable to shop at my local Bookshop, I was able to buy everything I needed online from your and pay in part with my Book Token Card.

I really could hardly believe though, that most of the books I purchased there, were a very similar price as Amazon too (sorry, I did check that out, just for curiosity). Seems that these days Amazon only heavily discount the chart bestsellers?

Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Helen Timms.

St. Ives. 

(5th June 2020)

I really appreciated the personal advice from your Roger on the Customer Services Helpline yesterday.

Obviously I had not thought this through, as I enquired about downloadable tokens direct to the email inbox of the recipient, instead of a physical gift card in the post.

He recommended that I should never purchase those from elsewhere, because if the email account gets hacked, then someone else can simply print off the token and fraudulently spend it themselves.

Proper gift card therefore now purchased for 125 from you, with free insured and tracked delivery tomorrow, right on time for my Daughter's Birthday.

Your service and help was second to none.

Thank you, Graham Buckrose - Ambleside.

(7 October 2019)

Purchased my Christmas Book Tokens via your link and I am so pleased that a proportion of my sale will go towards helping others.

Rob Doyle - Derry

(30th December 2018)

Regarding my recent enquiry.

Thank you for confirming to me, that if you go out of business, any Book Token Card or Theatre Token Card which I have purchased, will still be valid indefinitely. 

This really is a great weight off my mind, because in the past I have lost my money several times, when the retailer has gone into administration.

Josie Kahn - Dubai

(13th April 2019)


 We are all becoming accustomed to an impersonal world  one of faceless call-centres, computerised answering services, indefinite periods of waiting on line to speak to a real person, who is rarely able to solve our problem when we finally get to speak to them, of internet websites which seem to offer everything but the service that we really need and are incapable of dealing with exceptions. And so it is more than refreshing  it is a cause to celebrate  when you stumble upon an outfit like First Bookshop UK, who offer their customers all the advantages of the hi-tech impersonal world without becoming impersonal. They are fast, efficient, have an easy-to-use website, but they also have the flexibility, intelligence and warmth of a small business for which nothing is too much to keep its customers happy. My thanks to Roger at First Bookshop UK for stepping in - immediately - and sorting out my problem; dealing with an exception swiftly, efficiently and with a finesse that the big boys of our impersonal world just could not match.

Ron Davies.

La Colle sur Loup. France.

(Monday 11th December 2017)

Was browsing for books online, when I came across by accident, your where I was subsequently amazed to find out that the 3 books I purchased that day, cost me less than they would have done at Amazon. 

I vaguely then remembered something in the media probably in the late nineties about your First Bookshop being the first to price-match Amazon? Generally I don't think you do that service now though, it would have probably Bankrupt you in the end!

Here's to the Independent Bookshops, long may they reign. 

Joan Maddison - Richmond

(Thursday 1st November 2018)

I just wanted to convey my thanks for your patience and perseverance in getting the tokens to Georgia in London, all in one piece. Your efforts were above and beyond and I sincerely appreciate your fantastic customer service.

Thanks and regards.

Lissie - Victoria, Australia.

(Monday 26th June 2017)

I collected my 200 Theatre Tokens from your Derry, Londonderry office and was so pleased that payment could be taken there and then by credit card (thought I might have to go and get out more cash!). Then I drove straight to Dublin to the Wedding, where I gave my gift to the Bride & Groom, whom I knew were Honeymooning in London. They were overjoyed with this present.

Susan Thomas - Belfast.

(Wednesday 31st May 2017)

Tokens Order Placed Online Thurs 28th April 2016.

Just want to say "Thank you" for sending the book token so promptly. 

It came this morning and I am delighted with your service. Many thanks!! 


Marion Taws - Whitley Bay.

(Saturday 30th April 2016)

Wow, what fantastic service - even the GPO co-operated!

They have arrived here safely and I am thrilled with the service provided by your company, especially Roger.

Efficiently and very intelligently handled, with the maximum speed.

I will recommend your service to all my friends and I would not hesitate to use 1st Bookshop again.

Best Wishes, 

Sara Dobson - France.

(Monday 26th September 2016)

I ordered some Theatre Ticket Tokens for my son who lives in the UK on Wednesday.

They arrived to my Dublin address Thursday.

  I am very, very impressed with this service.

Many thanks for the speedy delivery..

  Kind Regards,

Doris Dixon - Dublin, Ireland.

(19th February 2016)

Just a quick note to thank you for your extremely prompt and efficient service! The card and tokens arrived perfectly on time for my father's birthday, so many thanks to your staff for their speedy order process and dispatch to Watford. I will certainly be recommending you to friends and colleagues. 

Kind regards and please feel free to use my comments in any publicity material.

Martin Baxter - Italy.

(26th September 2015)

I am writing to applaud your very simple 'one click' secure online ordering form, plus the pointer instructions given along the way. The ease of filling in the form is particularly good for when ordering book tokens via a smart phone or one of the smaller tablets, both of which I have now used very satisfactorily to buy birthday book tokens from you.

Wish all sites were as straight forward as yours, well done to all concerned.

A.T Wright - Northumberland.

(1st March 2015) 

Twenty Five Pounds Theatre Tokens ordered Sunday morning and received first thing Tuesday.

Didn't expect them until the end of the week at the earliest!

Thank You.

Lucy Bolton - Wexford, Ireland.

(30th June 2015)

We wanted to buy Theatre Tokens and have them sent to Germany, the Token House (First Bookshop) was recommended by since they themselves don't send Tokens abroad. The whole process was so secure that although we usually don't like ordering anything from a foreign country and pay for it online, we felt completely safe and sure that everything would work out well. And so it did!
Many people here I know visit Britain and so many of them go to the Theatre. I hope more in Europe discover the Theatre Token and the Token House, so that they can order a special gift for the UK theatre lovers all over Europe, too!
Thank you so much for your friendly service. I also loved the handwritten envelope and the invoice. It felt very personal...

Tamaki, Germany (11th June 2014).

It is rare to find this level of customer service. 

I purchased Theatre Tokens to be sent to Australia. They never arrived at the delivery address and rather than make the process difficult, First Bookshop immediately sent replacement tokens. 

Thanks for such amazing service.

Douglas Chan, Australia (16th November 2014).

Just need to write and say how amazed I was at the easiness of ordering the theatre vouchers. Very straight forward and a very happy lady when they turned up the very next day, as promised. Well done and many thanks.

Pauline Jezzard - London

(15th May 2013)

Ordered London Theatre Tokens, arrived today at my address in Sydney, for which I thank you. The fee of five pounds charged for sending to Australia insured, is well worth the cost, particularly as no other supplier will even consider this! Was reading on your site that this year you will be celebrating 40 years in the trade, well my hearty congratulations go out to you and all that's left for me to say is 'keep up the good work'.

Filomena Nguyen - New South Wales

(29th December 2013)

We are emailing to tell you how very pleased we were being able to top-up our Grandson's Book Token Card with you over the phone, even though it was purchased in our local Waterstones Bookshop. As he is now away from home studying at University, your service has proved to be so very useful and we will certainly be contacting you again to do this more in the coming months.

Mike & Alison Tordell - Ivybridge

(12th April 2012) 

Thank you so much for the vouchers I ordered. They arrived the very next day, which I then posted on to my Father for his birthday and he is delighted.

Thank you for wonderful customer service - a rarity these days.

Wendy Haines - Berkshire

(10th August 2012)

I just want to say how great the service is. I know the website might make you feel sceptical, as I felt this way, but I want to reassure anyone it is an excellent service and a perfect independent alternative to Amazon. Also the delivery was very faster, far faster than the company predicted themselves!!!

Thomas Roberts - Wirral

(15th September 2011)

We ordered a Fifty Pounds National Book Token online at 3.55pm on 23rd December, knowing full well it was too late for this to arrive by Christmas. However on Christmas Eve around 11am our Son telephoned to say thank you for the gift. You made our Christmas and made our Son's Christmas, thank you!

Kal Singh - Bradford

(3rd January 2012)

I am writing to thank you for your email explaining to me why Amazon do not accept National Book Tokens. Now you have made me aware that UK Book Tokens are a scheme to get people into Bookshops, this makes sense as I know Amazon are not a real Bookshop, just an online megastore. I was though surprised to learn from you that Amazon are not members of the Booksellers Association and that this is actually the main criteria for a Bookseller being able to accept Book Token Cards as payment. It has been a real pleasure to deal with you and from now on I will not attempt to use my Book Tokens anywhere else other than the First Bookshop! Keep up all the good work guys because I am disabled. Now I have discovered you and your free delivery I'll be back!

Margaret McPhee - Portree, Isle of Skye

(29th May 2011)

We decided to buy our Theatre Tokens from you because we knew that we could trust and rely on a Bookshop to deliver! Vouchers received next day, thank you, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Grace & Peter Cawthorne - Carlisle

(2nd July 2011)

This email is to thank you for adding the theatre in my home town of Northampton to your list of where theatre tokens can be spent, particularly when I had asked only a few months previous if I could use them there and you had said no. It is very impressive that you act on what your customers have commented about. Although I now live and work near London's West End and already knew I could spend your tokens there, any left over from those I receive can now be used to treat the family on my return visits home!

Yvonne Greenwood - London WC2H

(27th September 2010)

Book Tokens ordered Monday and received Tuesday - thank you. Your delivery is always fast and freepost and that's what I like. Once I ordered them direct from National Book Tokens in London and they took well over one week to arrive, plus I had to pay for that poor delivery service too! When your site has been found, why would anyone want to buy them anywhere else, I ask myself?

Paul Alexander - Basingstoke

(26th January 2011)

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the great service.  I spoke to a very helpful man 9.30 Wednesday evening and by 9.30 Friday morning the vouchers had arrived as promised.  The presentation pack is great and I am really pleased with the vouchers which are for a 25th Wedding Anniversary gift, so the logo celebrating 25 years is very pertinent!
I am quite happy for you to use my email on your customer feedback page and you will be pleased to learn that our friends were delighted with their gift.
Thanks again for your prompt service.

Would definitely use this service again for another occasion.

Cathy Pace - Essex

(1st May 2010)

I am writing to let you know that I think your new book tokens electronic gift cards are much improved from the old fashioned paper style. Every year my son buys me a twenty five pound national book token for my birthday on 31st July (it was me that insisted on the national variety!). When I went to spend it however I always found myself buying something extra that I didn't really want, just to get it all spent. Now I can buy one book, perhaps two if I fancy and then leave the balance on the card for next time. This really couldn't be better for me, so thanks again for making the change. 

Bernice Walsh - County Armagh

(15th August 2010)

I ordered a fifteen pound book token from you last weekend and asked you to send it directly to a recently bereaved friend, with my personal message. I heard on the following Tuesday that she had already received the token plus card and was delighted with both. Thank you so much for the outstanding service and for your excellent website. I shall certainly buy from you again. With best wishes from,

Judith Webb - Morecambe

(10th January 2010)

I received my tokens at 9am this morning having ordered them yesterday.

I am most impressed by your prompt service and would certainly recommend you.

Gillian Burton - Manchester

(5th December 2009)

Many thanks for the free Twenty Five Pounds Superbreak Theatre Breaks voucher you sent with my order for Theatre Tokens. Such added value to my purchase from you at this time, is simply amazing!

Richard Guerre - Jersey

(2nd November 2009)

Thank you!  I am very impressed with your service and ease of ordering. You have made my Christmas selection so simple.

Elaine Johnson - NSW Australia

(4th December 2009)

I would like to say thank-you for the prompt delivery of the books I ordered from you using National Book Tokens. There doesn't seem to be anywhere else on the internet where you can redeem National Book Tokens and even though you have to pay full price for the books, the fact that you don't have to pay postage and can easily get the copies of the books that you want far makes up for this. I would order from you again and would recommend you to anyone considering using this site. 
Hollie Burne, Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

(14 August 2009)

250 pounds gift vouchers ordered Thursday 16th July at 3.50pm and received Friday 17th July at 9.20pm by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Thank you, but who did you bribe to deliver to me during the one day postal strike here?

Rosemary Colley - London NW5

(18th July 2009)

Very rarely am I able to commend a retailer, but on this occasion I feel compelled to write a few words. Late one Sunday evening I decided that Theatre Tokens would make an excellent gift for my daughter. It was late in the day and late in terms of Christmas shopping. To my delight my phone call was answered directly by a genuinely helpful and friendly gentleman and true to his word the tokens arrived a little more than 24 hours later. Thank you.

Fiona - Findon, West Sussex

(24th December 2008)

Thank you for the speedy dispatch of my book tokens. I have been really impressed by your service and will willingly order from you again and recommend your company to my friends.

Dale Brusby - Birmingham

(29th December 2008)

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my One Hundred Pound Book Token. It seems that you are the only company that send out gift vouchers same day free Special Delivery with no fees and for this I would like to compliment you for.

Amanda Finch - Edinburgh

(8th October 2008)

Theatre Tokens ordered 11.45am Saturday 27th September and received today Monday 29th September 9.15am. Thank you for this outstanding service, which will be recommended to all my friends.

Noel Barnes - London

(29th September 2008)

Theatre Tokens received special delivery next day as promised. Thank you for such a good prompt service.


D.C. - Essex

(18th June 2008)

What a fantastic service you offer. I ordered Theatre vouchers yesterday afternoon and as promised, they have arrived in the first class post the following day. Your website is great - very straight forward to follow and I would have no hesitation in recommending / using your service again.

Helen Morgan - Surrey

(19th July 2008)

I felt I must take the time to write to you to commend you on your outstanding customer service. I am an English coordinator for a middle school and the day before World Book Day I realised I needed 4 book tokens as prizes! With no time to head to the shops I decided to try buying online. Google searching revealed your company.


My initial order included a comment asking for the tokens to be posted first class as they were needed urgently. Within ten minutes of sending the order I had received an email back asking if I would like to upgrade to a (very reasonable) postage to ensure they were there in time. Not only that but the school secretary appeared asking me to check my email with regards to this, so you had obviously gone to the trouble of tracking down the school number and taking the time to call.


The tokens arrived as promised, along with a complimentary set of bookmarks for all the children in the school, which was an extra bonus for them on World Book Day.


It is so refreshing to meet such excellent customer support, in todays often faceless online world. Thank you so much. I will certainly use your company again and have already recommended you to many others!



Sarah Ellwood - South Yorkshire


(7th March 2008)  

I have been ordering National Book Tokens online from you for more than 5 years and am always very impressed with your prompt delivery and high calibre of customer service.

Last week I ordered from you for the very first time National Theatre Tokens online and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with those too - for even more reasons!

Firstly, the accompanying presentation wallet was outstanding - not just attractive, but the information supplied in it was simply superb - listing all the participating theatres with their telephone numbers and website details - the lucky recipient would be in no doubt at all how and where to use the vouchers.

Secondly, my lucky recipient has just called me to say that she redeemed the Theatre Tokens I sent her as a gift, easily over the telephone with a London West End Theatre and all she had to do was scratch off the panel on the vouchers and then read out the number that was revealed. The Theatre Tokens were then spent and the show tickets were in her hands within 24 hours! How simple was that?

Please publish this email from me on your website, as I want everybody to know that your National Book Tokens and National Theatre Tokens are 'simply the best'.

Jane Smethurst - Lincolnshire

(1st March 2008)

I'm impressed!!!

My order was placed at 15:04pm yesterday 5th February '08. The theatre tokens I ordered have just arrived by post at 10:40am today 6th February '08.

Your service does just what it says on the packet!  I shall definitely be back with more orders. 

Jacqueline Devaney - Cheshire

(6th February 2008)

To all staff at 'First Book Shop'

Many thanks for such a speedy delivery - vouchers were delivered, superbly packed, the next morning.

I have to say I was worried about ordering 'on line' but there was certainly no need.


Gillian Yeates - Wirral

(25th February 2008)

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for your superb service, my theatre vouchers arrived yesterday in the post as stated. I was very impressed with your easy to follow web site and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends.

I would also like to add that in my search for theatre tokens on the net, I came across a few companies that supplied them, however none of them offer the service that you give.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Carol Norris - Derbyshire

(30th November 2007)

'Amazing Service'

Many thanks for the tokens, which arrived so promptly this morning.

I was working to a deadline, but you have relieved me of any concerns I may have had about the birthday gift.

Mrs. M. B. - County Durham

(6th January 2008)

Thanks for an excellent service.

I have had so many problems recently with my purchases from other organisations that it's nice, for once, to find a company which gets it right and delivers on time.

Lynn Benton - Staffordshire

(24th August 2007)

Thank you so much for the clear website, easy ordering service, prompt delivery and excellent product.

Christine Sheehan - Surrey

(3rd November 2007)

Just wanted to say WHAT A SUPERB SERVICE!!

Browsing your website I was a bit hesitant because I actually felt that it didn't look as professional as others.

The gentleman that I spoke to was exactly that and suggested that I have smaller denomination tokens and he could not have been more helpful, polite or efficient.

I was advised that the tokens would be sent out 1st class that day at no extra cost, which they were and they arrived the next morning.

Thank you for a great service.


Julie Benfell - Swindon

(14th May 2007)

Thank you for your prompt response to my on-line order for two hundred pounds of Theatre Tokens. The vouchers arrived safely today and I will certainly be recommending your service to all of my friends. I was particularly pleased that these tokens have no 'use by' date as they are for a gift and free p&p was a pleasant surprise in this day and age!

Julia Wood - Chelmsford

(5th June 2007)


Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of the Book Token that I ordered on Sunday night. It is a Mother's day present and my Mum received it this morning (Tuesday). I am so pleased and I have recommended your site to all my family and friends and will definitely order from you again. 

Please feel free to use my comments, as a company as good as yours deserves to be applauded.

Karen Jackson - Southampton

(14th March 2007)


To let you know how very pleased I am that it was so easy to use your theater vouchers for good seats at 'Sound of Music'. My Daughter had no trouble at all using them when she came to London.

She said the show was fab - and so are you guys!

Told loads of people about your service - you deserve more business to come your way, as your product is the best.

Oh and by the way, thanks for sending the tokens direct to me here - the insured service you used took no time at all to get them to me safely.

Elaine Gore - New York

(11th April 2007)

I required a fifty pounds voucher for a charity draw on Saturday 24th February 2007. At 14.27pm on Thursday 22nd February, I placed an order with you for that amount of Theatre Tokens. They have been safely delivered at 7.25am this morning, Friday 23rd February. Thank you for your fast and efficient service. I will certainly have no hesitation in ordering from you again and recommend your service to friends.

Derrick Nundy - Lincolnshire

(23rd February 2007)

Dear First Bookshop

Thank you for sending a gift card with the National Book Tokens that I ordered.....I had forgotten and the one that you sent was perfect!

Many thanks for being a first class provider.....I'll be back!

Sue Wates - Surrey

(5th March 2007)

With reference to my order placed online on December 19th. Thank you very much for all your help and I am happy to say that all the children received their vouchers before Christmas. Will definitely use 'Token House' again. Merry Christmas.

Teresa Omori - Japan

(24th December 2006)

I highly recommend this website for reliability, speed and efficiency of service, well packaged tokens and friendliness. Order with confidence, you will not be disappointed.

Linda Loveless - East Sussex

(8th December 2006)

I am in the Army and currently serving in Iraq and I ordered theatre tokens online on Thursday through your website. My parents received them Friday morning. Brilliant service, thank you very much I shall definitely use your site again. Thanks again. 

L.C. (7th October 2006)

Full name withheld.

Hello Token House

I received my Book and Theatre voucher order this morning - wow, express service indeed!  I just felt I wanted to tell you that before I submitted my order to you I did check out the competition and must say you have NO competition really, as it seems I got from you a next day delivery FREE!  'Voucher Express' whom I have used in the past, wanted to charge me 6.50 to send me Theatre Tokens out same day and the company 'Book Tokens Limited' wanted to charge me 4.95 to dispatch my Book Tokens out on the day of ordering.  By my calculations I have just saved 11.45 on an order for 35.  Long may you reign supreme!!

Andrea Sanderson - Hull

(6th October 2006)

Thank you for such a prompt service.

You will be highly recommended to friends and family.

Lee Grace - Putney

(8th November 2006)

Thank you for the prompt dispatch of my order and for making your website so user friendly. I have added First Bookshop to my list of favourites!

Roderick Baker - Yeovil

(7th November 2006)

Good Morning,   Yesterday I ordered three lots of Book Tokens, two each of seventy five pounds and one of thirty pounds. These have been safely delivered and we would like to say just how appreciative we are of the fantastic and extra quick delivery.  We shall be telling all our friends of your site and excellent customer service.  Thank you very much!  Kindest Regards,

Barbara and Ted Hall - London.

(20th June 2006)

Please pass my thanks on to the relevant people, because this is the second time that I've used your book token ordering service and both times have been ultra speedy and efficient!  

Many thanks, Julie.

Julie Farrell - Maidenhead.

(14th June 2006)

Dear First Bookshop, 

Thank you for your swift confirmation of my order; your message is most gracious. Furthermore, may I pass on my appreciation of the predicted prompt dispatch of my valued order and assure you that you will indeed be my 'first for Book Tokens online & foremost for Theatre Tokens online'.

Rachel Plant - Wilmslow.

(13th May 2005)

Hello,   How very kind of you to write back (in such impressive detail too) in response to a problem I had trying to send your 'secure form'. By the time I picked up the email, it would have been too late to phone today - your time. I still could not relay the form on my computer (perhaps it doesn't like all the snow falls we are having...ha ha) so I transferred it to hubby to have a go on his - success! I am truly sorry to give you so much bother, especially since this is such a small order. I certainly think you have a wonderful business going on - have already told a couple of other people. Really miss most British bookshops. I used to adore getting book token presents when I was a child, but they were always specific to one particular shop, so the National tokens are a brilliant invention. There is absolutely no need to rush & post out my little order on your tomorrow - just when anyone has a spot of time please. With ever so much gratitude. You deserve to enjoy a very festive season.

Phyllis Toohey - Canada (5th Dec 2004)

My book may have been priced one pounds fifty more than at Amazon, but my postage was free, when at Amazon it wasn't for the cost of my book, as less than ten pounds. My overall spend with you was therefore cheaper, but it cost me nothing really as the book tokens I paid you with have been lying around unspent for almost 2 years! Thanks for a very efficient service.

Paul Gillingham - Solihull 

(12th October 2003)

I wasn't aware there was such a thing as National Book Vouchers until I discovered your website.

My Grandson was so pleased he didn't have to get the bus to Waterstones in order to spend them and could do this at the nearby local independent Bookshop.

Jill Grayson - Edinburgh

(13th April 2003)

Not only can I buy my Book Tokens online from you but I can now also get my Theatre Tokens - thanks so much for adding these vouchers to your site.

From George - that nuisance customer who always wants to pay online by cheque!

(16th August 2002)

Your Bookshop is the best in the world, but it now has competition - from your website!

Good luck for your continued success, both locally and internationally! 

Angela Rhodes - Leeds

(1st June 2002)

Well that was all so very simple!

Hooray for Book Tokens online - at last.

I always caused such a stir when I went down to the local Bookshop to buy Book Tokens for my school - 150 @ 5 Pounds took some time to serve me with - the people behind me in the queue were rarely amused!!

Thanks again - I will be back for more before the end of term.

Joan Little - Brighton (13th January 2001)

Dear Mr Crossland,

After reading about you in the newspaper and hearing you speak on the radio, I thought I would give your online service a try. It was just as good as billed and my twenty five pounds book token arrived with my niece on the next day. Sorry the dedication I asked for was that long - thank you for editing it so well to make it all fit on the presentation card - you will have to enforce a maximum word allowance on your ordering form!

Thanks again and may I take this opportunity to wish you good luck and continued success for the future.

Raymond Barclay - Alwoodley, Leeds (16th Oct. 2000)

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Above is just a small selection of more than 4,000 positive customer comments since our Bookshop first opened for business in 1987.

Testimonials prior to the year 2000 have now been removed. Thanks go to everyone for their kind words.

Want to leave feedback about your order or our service and maybe have it published on this page? 

Then please email any remarks direct to: 

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now why not check out : ABOUT US: Our Story

We were the FIRST BOOKSHOP to sell and redeem National Book Tokens on the internet and this service, now expanded to include the retailing of UK Theatre Tokens, is today a global hit!

The Times London: August 16, 2000. Wednesday Web World Feature. "This enterprising Bookshop has gone online to provide Book Tokens - seemingly an Internet first. The tokens can be exchanged at over 3,000 bookshops in Britain and Ireland"

TOKEN HOUSE UK and ALL IRELAND free post gift card service has now been expanded to include THEATRE TOKENS

The Independent London: August 10, 2002, Saturday, FEATURES; WORLD WIDE WEB: 10 BEST SITES OF THE WEEK. "This is currently the only bookshop to offer book tokens online (the national book gift voucher scheme). Originally a small-town bookshop, it claims to be "beating the big boys at their own game" and while it doesn't quite match Amazon for size or quality of presentation, book fiends are bound to unearth something here that appeals"

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